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Whitehead Landscaping, a full-service landscaping company, has been beautifying the Wood River Valley with its comprehensive range of services since 1994. The company is renowned for its creativity, quality, and professionalism, offering custom landscaping tailored to individual needs.

The story of Whitehead Landscaping is a family affair, starting with Gunnar and Merri Whitehead. Gunnar, who began his journey in landscaping by mowing lawns in New Hampshire, moved to Wood River Valley and, along with Merri, started their own business. Their passion for landscaping grew, and so did their family, with their children Reide and Colby now running their divisions, Eco Irrigation, and Mountain Valley Compost & Tree Care. These divisions reflect the family’s commitment to the environment, focusing on water conservation and organic fertilizing.

Their dedication to quality service extends to specialized areas like the art of winter tree care, especially crucial in high-altitude regions like theirs. They offer valuable insights on assessing winter damage, proper mulching techniques, and winter watering schedules to ensure the health and vitality of trees during the harsh winter months.

In preparation for the colder season, Whitehead Landscaping provides a comprehensive guide on winterizing your lawn. This includes essential tasks like clearing the yard, mowing at the right height, aerating the soil, fertilizing, overseeding, and ensuring proper irrigation system maintenance. These steps are crucial for maintaining a healthy, vibrant yard throughout the year.

The company also runs a wholesale tree farm, offering a variety of trees, shrubs, and bushes, all grown locally to thrive in the ever-changing climate. This service highlights their commitment to providing customers with quality vegetation to enhance their landscaping and gardening needs.

Whitehead Landscaping’s focus on sustainability is evident in their organic services. They are unique in their ability to apply true organic fertilizers and pesticides, offering services like compost tea and the Trout Friendly Lawn Program. These services not only provide a lush green lawn but also contribute to water conservation, reduction of toxic chemical applications, and long-term environmental benefits.

In summary, Whitehead Landscaping’s approach to landscaping is not just about creating beautiful outdoor spaces but also about ensuring sustainability, environmental responsibility, and providing personalized service to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s preparing for winter, choosing the right tree species, or opting for organic lawn care, Whitehead Landscaping seems to have the expertise and commitment to turn landscaping dreams into vibrant realities.


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