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Whitehead's Landscaping is a full service landscaping company committed to offering quality services at competitive prices.

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The Whitehead’s
Left to right: Reide, Piper, Gage, Colby, Merri, Gunnar

Our Story

Merri and Gunnar Whitehead 2021

Gunnar and Merri Whitehead have been in the landscaping and Snow Removal

Merri & Gunnar April 2004

Business in the Wood River Valley for over 25 years.

Gunnar Whitehead, began mowing lawns at a very early age when he helped his

family’s landscaping business in New London, New Hampshire. It was in New London where he met Merri who was attending College. After moving to Wood River Valley in 1991 to play hockey for The Sun Valley Suns, Gunnar and Merri started their own landscaping business on a small scale.

By 1994, they were mowing lawns and installing irrigation systems in the evening after finishing their day jobs. The business has grown steadily ever since and so has their family. Gunnar and Merri have four children. Reide and Colby run their own divisions of the landscaping business, Eco Irrigation, and Mountain Valley Compost & Tree Care.

The family’s passion for the environment and organic fertilizing options inspired Reide to open Eco Irrigation, a water conservation business that installs and monitors smart irrigation technology.

Colby began his environmentally sustainable business,  Mountain Valley Compost & Tree Care in 2018 to administer organic fertilizer known as compost “tea”. Mountain Valley Compost & Tree Care turns expired fruit and paper waste into nutrient-dense fertilizer for your lawn and gardens.

Lily and Fern, another division of Whitehead’s Landscaping was designed in 2014 by Gunnar and Merri in order to dedicate a company specifically for gardens and flowers.

Lily and Fern is dedicated to providing clients with top-quality, personalized service to meet individual garden and homeowner needs.

Whitehead’s Landscaping and Lily and Fern are full-service landscaping companies and are committed to offering quality services at competitive prices. Together, they offer maintenance programs for both residential and commercial properties throughout the valley. Creativity, quality of commitment, and product, combined with knowledge, will create a complete and beautiful outdoor living space for any budget.

Thank you for your support.

Reide and Colby Whitehead 2021