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We offer very competitive prices on landscape installation and design. Do not hesitate to call for help on your next landscape project
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Spring Landscaping

April Showers Bring May Flowers

As April showers herald the arrival of spring, it's the perfect time to embrace the…
sustainable landscaping | eco-friendly gardening | native plants | water conservation | organic gardening
Spring Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping Tips

As Earth Month approaches, it's the perfect time to explore sustainable landscaping practices. Whitehead's Landscaping…
Organic Growth

Experience the Blossom Symphony of Spring with Whitehead Landscaping

As the season shifts and the chill of winter gives way to the warm embrace…
Seeds for Spring
Awaken Your Landscape to Spring’s Embrace with Whitehead Landscaping
Spring into a Garden Wonderland with Whitehead Landscaping!
Seeds for Spring
Blooms of Spring
Sustainable Landscaping
Sustainable Landscaping: Nurturing Nature in Your Outdoor Space
Outdoor Living Space
Designing Outdoor Living Spaces: Maximizing Your Winter Garden
Seeds for Spring
Starting Seeds Indoors: The First Step to a Vibrant Spring Garden
Winter Garden
The Art of Winter Tree Care: Tips for Healthy Trees at High Altitude
Sustainable Landscaping
Eco-Friendly Snow and Ice Management: Protecting Your Landscape in Winter
Indoor Gardening: Bringing Greenery Inside During the Idaho Winter
Embracing the Quiet Season: Planning and Preparing Your Garden for Spring
Winter Garden
Winter Pruning Practices: Ensuring Healthy Growth for Spring
Winter Decorations
Post-Holiday Cleanup: Safely Taking Down Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Winter wildlife support
Snowy Habitat Helpers: Supporting Wildlife in Your Garden This Winter
High Altitude Landscapes
Creating a Winter Oasis: Evergreens for High-Altitude Landscapes
Unlock the Power of Nature: Vermicast for Lush Landscapes
Tree Service
Enhancing Your Fall Landscape with Whitehead Landscaping Tree Services
Winter Lawn
Prepare Your Lawn for Winter: A Comprehensive Guide to Winterizing with Whitehead Landscaping
Preparing Your Garden for Winter: Essential Steps for Homeowners
Embracing the Quiet Season: Planning and Preparing Your Garden for Spring
Planning for garden borders
Fall garden checklist
Best shrubs for colder climates