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Fall garden checklist

By September 29, 2021November 9th, 2021No Comments

Just because the growing season has passed doesn’t mean your lawn and plants don’t require a little bit of TLC before heading into cooler weather. Here is a checklist to make sure when spring arrives everything is in good shape.

Continue cutting your grass.

Grass will continue to grow until frost appears on a regular basis so continue cutting your grass until it stops growing. 

Keep the leaves raked up.

They block sunlight and make for a soggy environment perfect for lawn fungi. Raking also helps to remove dead grass that may accumulate over the summer. 

Aerating in the fall will help it to be healthier next year.

This process allows nutrients to reach the grassroots.


Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to get through the long winter months. This is an important step to take shortly after aerating. 

If you have patches of lawn that died during the summertime- especially during a drought year, it’s a good idea to reseed at this time. 

Pest and weed prevention can and should be dealt with in the fall.

Ask your local lawn professional about which types of applications are best for your issue. 

Fall is a great time to add new trees, shrubs, and bulbs 

Do not fertilize plants once temps drop.

Do prune and fertilize trees and shrubs. Check with your local landscape professional for the best practices.

Assess your irrigation system and blow out sprinklers if used.

Now is a good time for a little mower maintenance. Sharpen blades, change the oil and spark plugs, clean the air filter, and inspect for worn-out parts and damage.


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