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Garden Party Planning Tips

By May 16, 2024No Comments

As summer approaches, Idaho becomes the perfect backdrop for hosting unforgettable garden parties. With its unique blend of rustic elegance and natural beauty, planning an outdoor soiree in this mountainous locale can be a delightful experience. Start by embracing the local scenery, utilizing the lush landscapes and stunning views to create a serene party atmosphere. Incorporating elements like wildflowers native to Idaho can enhance the rustic charm of your event.

When it comes to the menu, think local and seasonal. Sun Valley offers a variety of local eateries and cafes like Bigwood Bread & Cafe, known for its artisan breads, which can inspire your party’s catering with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. For an elegant touch, consider a dining experience that reflects the rustic yet sophisticated vibe of places like The Sawtooth Club, renowned for its culinary excellence.

Decor should complement the natural setting, with elements that reflect the mountainous terrain and vibrant local culture. Utilize natural materials like wood and stone, and consider ambient lighting to enhance the evening’s mood as the sun sets over the mountains.

Activities can range from leisurely strolls through the local landscape to interactive outdoor games that take advantage of Sun Valley’s expansive outdoor spaces. Ensure your party’s ambiance aligns with the laid-back yet adventurous spirit of the area.

By incorporating these elements, your garden party in Idaho will not only celebrate the beauty of Idaho’s outdoors but also create a memorable experience for your guests, making your backyard the talk of the town.


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