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Enhancing Your Fall Landscape with Whitehead Landscaping Tree Services

By November 20, 2023No Comments

Idaho, often dubbed the “Gem State,” is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse ecosystems. One of the most enchanting times to experience the natural beauty of Idaho is during the fall season when the state’s trees transform into a symphony of vibrant colors.

Thinking of adding some fall colors to your landscape? By collaborating with Whitehead Landscaping Tree Services, we work with you to find the best trees to plant while providing decades of expertise to ensure your trees stay healthy. Following are some suggestions on the best trees to plant for our area. Give us a call- we’d love to help you find the perfect tree(s) for the best seasonal colors.

Quaking Aspen

With Whitehead Landscaping Tree Services by your side, planting quaking aspen becomes a breeze. This native Idahoan tree is famous for its shimmering golden leaves in the fall. It offers a vibrant display of yellow and orange, adding a warm, inviting ambiance to your landscape. Aspen trees are relatively low-maintenance and can thrive in a wide range of soil conditions, making them an excellent choice for Zone 4 with the assistance of Whitehead Landscaping.

Sugar Maple

If you desire deep red and orange hues, the sugar maple is an excellent choice for Zone 4. With the guidance of Whitehead Landscaping Tree Services, these majestic trees can be successfully integrated into your landscape, creating a stunning display of fall foliage. They require well-drained soil and adequate water, but the stunning fall colors they provide are well worth the effort.

Red Maple

Partnering with Whitehead Landscaping ensures that the red maple becomes an excellent choice for Zone 4. Its brilliant red and orange leaves create a striking contrast against the state’s blue skies and evergreen conifers. Red maples are adaptable and can thrive in various soil types, making them suitable for many landscapes.

Rocky Mountain Maple

For those who prefer native tree species, the Rocky Mountain maple is an Idaho favorite. Its leaves turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow, providing a captivating display of fall colors. With Whitehead Landscaping Tree Services, these small to medium-sized trees are well-suited for our climate and require minimal care.

Amur Maple

Whitehead Landscaping’s expertise makes planting and caring for the Amur maple a smooth process. The Amur maple is a hardy and adaptable tree that can tolerate cold temperatures. Its leaves turn a fiery red in the fall, making it a popular choice for those seeking vibrant autumn colors. These trees are known for their rapid growth, so they can quickly provide a stunning display in your garden.

Bald Cypress

Whitehead Landscaping Tree Services can help you explore the unexpected but delightful choice of the bald cypress for fall color in Zone 4. Although native to the southern United States, it adapts well to Idaho’s climate. As the fall season arrives, its needles turn a beautiful rusty orange, adding a unique touch to your landscape.


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